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No Dust Makeup Box with Mirror and LED Light

This no dust makeup box with mirror and led light is so compact and visually pleasant it will get you rushing to get one to declutter and organize your dresser top.

This find cuts across both the home decor tips and the life hack because it allows me to share with you one of the ways you can declutter and organize your dresser top.

I don’t have a lot of makeup. I know some of you have tons therefore this may not be the ideal make up storage box for you. Imagine with me a larger version of the same and keep reading about the packs of this minimalist cosmetics organizer.

When I was younger, I was a cabin crew for Kenya Airways and Emirates Airline. One of the requirements was to wear makeup, so I had to learn fast. Not so well though, nowadays we are lucky to have money tutorials on YouTube, Instagram and other social media. We didn’t have the same privilege then, so I keep doing it mathogothanio (amateurish). Over time I have learnt a few things, and I am still learning as trends keep changing. For a long time, used my traveler makeup bag until it got too cumbersome for daily use.

That brings me to my very lovely find; this no dust make up box with a Mirror and led light.


The fact that it is fully covered was one of its selling point for me. I

don’t have to worry about my makeup, brushes and sponges picking up dust. Especially because I don’t use make up often, only on the occasional sprucing up to go out or for a video or photo shoot.


It is small enough that it doesn’t clutter my space. My dresser top stays organized as I am more of a minimalist.

Curtails hoarding

At the same time, it ensures I don’t hoard cosmetics. I only buy what I need. I try to only replace not add on because with new trends, there will always be something new to buy.


The 3 drawers and top shelf help guide storage and organization of the storage. For a minimalist, it is sufficient storage for such a compact makeup holder. The eyeshadow and highlighter palettes fit especially well in the drawers. However, the top shelf is not sectioned and so I made these Nail Polish Marble Art Makeup Holders DIY to help in organizing that space. It works great for the upright makeup while assisting me to reuse glass jars from Nutella/jam.


If while you are picking your makeup you feel that the 360◦c rotating door restricts ease of picking your make up from the top compartment there is an alternative.  There is the option of opening the latches on the side and then lifting off this cover to expose the top shelf allowing the makeup to be easily accessible.

By putting it on the side like this you can still use the mirror from that position if your dresser is high.

If you need the mirror to be a little higher you can have it on the side

or you can have it on top.

When the makeup session is over, just put everything back and latch to cover to store away from dust.

Close-up and precise

I love that it has this mirror that allows me to put the make up on close up. I especially struggle with the stick-on eyelashes and eyeliner, but this makes it a little bit more precise and neater.

Led light

Even with daylight or indoor lighting sometimes that may still be too dark for putting on makeup. This led light on the mirror is such a bonus feature of this compact makeup box organizer.


For all the benefits and features it fits right within my budget. This product is so well thought out. I can imagine it will be a sought-after gift item for her or teenagers.

I’ve shared my very easy way of decluttering and organizing makeup on your dresser. I am aware there are many types of makeup storage boxes in the market, however this one has so far worked perfectly for my needs.

Let me know if this would be a makeup organizer you would choose and pick one up here If not, share with us why not. If you have any questions or comments please write them in the comments section.


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