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8 Ways of Mounting/Hanging Wall Art Décor

8 Ways of Mounting/Hanging Wall Art Décor

Wall art comes in various forms. Such as, photo frames, clocks, paintings, clocks, tapestry and other wall decor art. I have shared with you 2 ways of mounting then not in my house and 6 more practically used in my home.

You might learn something new or I might help you narrow down your choices when you see what I have done for my wall art décor.


Floating shelves

These are pretty amazing, especially when you have open space. It helps you put your various decor pieces together. You just lean your art against the wall.

So, no drilling apart from putting up the shelves.

Standing on mantel or wall ledge

The other method is leaning art on your fireplace mantel or if you have, wall ledges. For those who have this, it’s a nice way of having part of your room as the focal point, it adds colour and pulls the eyes to that space. You can also have other accent pieces on these ledges or mantel.


This method I’ve used in my home. We’ve all had to hammer, drill nails, screws and hooks into the walls over the years. We get worried because we don’t know what we’ll do when we leave, especially if we’re in a rental or we when need to change the setup in the home.

All you need to remember is that we can use toothpaste or a filler to fill the holes, then paint over and it will be as good as new.

I’ve used this method to put up these hooks that needed to be discreet, so that my wall art in the living room could look nice and not allow the hooks to be visible.

Command strips

The other method I’ve used is the command strips, the velcro kind. I love this because I’ve used it in my washroom. When I needed to change the art and all I need to do was remove the picture frame, change the artwork and put it back. Velcro it back in.

This is very good, especially when you are changing, kids’ pictures as they grow as they take photos in school. It is very handy for setting up a home wall photo gallery.


I’ve also used hooks. Sticky hooks and they can be as discreet, clear, metal, plastic depending on what you can find or need them for.

All you need to remember is that they need to bear the weight of the item that you’re putting up. I’ve used them for our picture frames, as you can see in various places around the house and for our clock in the kitchen.

Paper stickers

The other method is stickers, paper stickers. I’ve used these in my kids bedroom. You can customize depending on your children.

My daughter has butterflies, and they’re everywhere.

My son wanted a little more discreet so we just have horses.

I’ve used them in their bathroom also to add colour.

The good thing with these is that when you need to change all you need is to peel them off, paint over or change the different stickers.

You can use this in family rooms, in play areas for kids or in their bedrooms. I’ve seen them used in some living rooms for sticker clocks or wall décor.  There’s no limit to where they can be used in your house.


I bought my stencil art decor but you can also make yours. All you do is remove the sticker and stick on the wall. If you make DIY ones, just use double tape and stick on the wall. I love this because you can also customize the design as needed, like in my family room or kitchen.

When you need to remove or change the style of your room it’s as easy as peeling them off.

Hooks & rods

The final method I have used is using hooks and rod. I love this method because it helped me stay within the budget and to get the kind of art I needed hang up.

I couldn’t find frames that were the right size, when I did they were too expensive. I couldn’t find the artwork that I needed, when I found them they were too small or they were pictures of animals or landscape that I didn’t want, or I couldn’t find the right size.

I decided to buy tapestry made a pocket, put hooks on the wall and put a curtain rod and then hung my tapestry trying to make it a little artsy.

You can do this with yours or with your fabric art. Use a shower rod or a curtain rod.

As you can see, there are many ways to hang or mount wall art décor. If you have any other tips, please let us know in the comments section.



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