Here, you will find the best step-by-step tips and ideas for helping you make easy, affordable and stylish DIY home décor to revamp your lifestyle.

Juliet Migwi Inspires DIY is all about recycling, revamping, upscaling, restoring or makeovers to your shabby, old, outdated or just not functional furniture or other pieces in your house.

The same can be done on your secondhand treasure finds from your thrift buys; from garage sales, yard
sales, car boot sales, Gikomba or a mtumba near you.

We’ll have fun doing this on a budget, as we discover some new trends; you may even discover your

Above of all, get excited about using what you already have in your hands, and didn’t even know you
had, to spruce up your home, room by room.

We might be amateurs, but we’ll do this like pros! I will also share some of my lifestyle hacks and tips.

If I can do it, you can Do It Yourself.