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How Can I Organise My Kitchen Easily and Cheaply?

Are you asking yourself, how can I organise my kitchen easily and cheaply? Does your kitchen need order? Or is the need for just one space in your kitchen or pantry? This could be what helps you out in your kitchen or pantry organisation. Decluttering always helps organising. The examples I have might just be what you need. Don’t procrastinate. Some of those are my life hacks and some have also saved me loads of money.

If you don’t plan on an extreme full kitchen overhaul, you don’t even have a pantry, the home is a rental so you can’t change much or you don’t have too much storage today I have simple and easy solutions for you and some of them are free. Stick to the end to see the DIY cardboard alternatives. The others are affordable, what you need to do is just look for alternatives near you that would work just for you. You can watch video.

Dish Rack

To begin with read previous blog on 14 ways you can use a dish rack not for washing, not for draining but for storage all around your kitchen. Watch video.

S Hooks

We can also use S hooks that are good for utilizing random spaces and maximizing storage. They also really help a space to look decluttered as well as being part of the décor as you choose pieces that work within your kitchen’s theme.

Hang towels and oven gloves over oven door handle

Cabinet doors can have extra use S hooks come into play. To hang oven gloves, brooms for under sink cabinet as well as hang a basket holding towels or some dish wash soap and sponges.


Cutlery Holders

Using cutlery holders makes such a difference in decluttering compared to just placing items in the drawers.

There are other dividers like these that you can slot into each other to make the size and pattern that is the right fit for your drawers and items.


You can also trim to fit therefore versatile. For example, for the mwikos or the wooden spoons that are long and can’t fit in the normal size cutlery holder; this type is very user friendly. They can help organise your tough drawers. However, do not forget that the first success criteria for decluttering is get rid of the things you don’t really use.


The other method is using Stick-on-hooks. They come in many colors, some clear, some are plastic and some metals. You can stick them on the wall to hang your towels, your oven gloves, big spoons and sometimes even measuring spoons. Décor pieces to go with your kitchen theme can also be held on these stick-on-hooks.


If you stick them inside the cabinet doors, they will help you save space as well as utilize unconventional space.

Cabinet Dividers or Stacking Racks

We need to remember that every space counts. There some places like in some cabinets that we need to add cabinet dividers to maximise space and organise for easy access. Like when storing sufurias or saucepans in the cabinets.

It facilitates us to putting some things under and others above. This also works great under the sink where storage competes for space with the pipes. Lot of space but not much division.

In the cabinets we can declutter or organise using the dividers.

Here we can stack plates and cups on top and further divide the cabinet a lot more storage.

Where you don’t have a lot of space in your house and you have counter space, these might come in handy. It’s a nice way of adding space for yourself.

Lazy Suzy Turn Table

One other organization item you can use is the Lazy Suzy Turn Table. They come in many shapes and sizes. Others even have tiers and are great for places with big space.  They are perfect for tight corners and ease access to items.

Document Organisers

Do you know that the document organisers that we see in offices can also be used in the kitchen? We can use them over the counter to display and hold cookbooks.

If you have kids and you have deep drawers, shelf or cabinet space these organisers can hold kids’ bottles.

To organise under the sink, use them for your different cleaning apparatus.

The foil packages that are usually very long and can’t fit in most spaces can stand upright in these document organisers.

Pans and Lids Racks

We also have these pan and lids racks. I think they are called that because that’s what they were initially meant for. We have used them for sufuria or saucepan lids to just decongest and declutter.

We have used them in various other was to support items that can be cumbersome to organise. Such as bakeware in cabinets and cookbooks over the counter.


In the cabinets you can also use these racks to organise your plates so that they look neat and easily accessible.

Adjustable Pan Organiser

Similar to these are the adjustable pan organisers. Yet again they were initially for organizing pans. They are great as they can expand or contract to fit space. They can squash your things to hold them tight or expand to more or bigger things. As you can see you can hold pans as well as your sufurias or the saucepan lids.

You can also use them for your bakeware and don’t forget your chopping boards.



Then we have baskets that come in many shapes and sizes. Pick the right fit, style and type depending on your space and what is available near you. The tip for you is to always try get white or clear because it’s easy to always pick similar for add on even though they are different type but they are similar color. They would look like it was intentional and were meant to be.

Use these baskets for storing your towels neatly.

If you have kids yet again you can place maybe your kids snack boxes or bottles. As well as organising those plastic lids and containers that keep disturbing us by taking over space spaces and cluttering.


Wooden Rack

This wooden rack brings me joy as it has some shabby farmhouse look. It helps me lift the counter so that I can put some things under and add storage. I sometimes place select snacks under and then maybe put the bread on top.  This allows me to use the counter space without it looking cluttered. You can also organise your cookbooks on top using this sort of wooden rack.

Spice Racks

For your spices remember that we always try to use even the tightest corner. This will help you save space. There are

many types and styles in the market. Using these baskets for my house has come in handy as it fits right around the corner and makes my corner space usable.

There is such a huge variety of spice racks in the market and the selection is ever evolving. I hope you pick one that works for you.

DIY Cardboard Alternatives

For the drawers you can make a cutlery holder for yourself using cardboard. Use tape to hold togethers lot the pieces into each other to hold and form dividers.

You can also make your very own document organiser alternative using cardboard. If the carton or box need wrapping use wrapping paper. They will easily hold cleaning apparatus or foil packages under the sink.


If you can’t afford baskets or at the moment, they are not a priority use a cardboard box or a shoe box. If need be wrap it and use it for your storage. If neat enough you can just use it as is. You now have storage, you’re organised and decluttered for free.

If buying spice racks is not your priority right now reuse cardboard boxes where you stack spices behind the other one lifting easy access and identification.


Reusing empty foil packaging boxes is also free. Stack some spices on the box and place the other at the front.


I have showcased for you what I had around me there’s myriad of choices in the market.

I hope you get a tip or two. If you’re already using these and have other tips, please share with us in the comments section or tag me in your Instagram photo of your kitchen or pantry.

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