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Nail Polish Marble Art Makeup Holders from Reusable Glass Jars

Ever wondered what to do with old nail polish or polish that wasn’t the right fit? This princess of DIY will share with you how to make nail polish marble art makeup holders from reusable glass jars. You will be digging out your old or unused nail polish to try out your very own. Declutter and organize your makeup easy and cheap. Watch video

Products used:

  • Nail polish
  • Reusable glass jars
  • Water bowl
  • Skewer or toothpicks

We’re going to use a clear bowl as it helps me see the colours clearly. I try to also one I can throw out after use. Maybe a recycled food takeout container. If you don’t have a bowl that you want to throw out after craft, put a paper bag inside a bowl, basin or bucket and then put the water inside the paper bag instead. You can throw out the paper bag out. I try not to throw out reusable glass jars from jam and Nutella while working at not hoarding.

So that the nail polish doesn’t for a film that makes your marble not smooth, try work fast. However, if you want a textured look forming a film works as well as you will see in the video. If you want to dip a big piece or more than halfway unlike my angled dip, use a deep container. go in deep you need a deeper bowl and

For this nail polish marble art, we are using our reusable glass jars but you can use the marble effect on other things. We could for example use it on coffee mugs, plates, plastic containers and much more. If using items that will be washed by hand or in a dish washer all you need to do is make sure you seal with mod podge for a longer life span.

This is  how I practically use them in my:

Cosmetic Box Make Up Storage Organizer with Mirror & 360° Rotating LED Mirror

This is also an ideal makeup box storage for a teenager if you’re wondering what to get for the next birthday.

If you have any questions about this, please ask in the comments section. You can also follow on my social media handles for quick responses. Let me know how yours turned out.

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