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Spray Paint Clay Pot into Chic Garden Décor/Balcony Décor

Ordinary can be extraordinary with just some spray painting. Watch this video to see how this clay pot turned out in my garden. Follow along and make your own for the garden, balcony or other home décor.

If this is the first time you are spray painting, I’ve got you covered. There’s an article with 15 spray paint tips (Place a hyperlink to that article here).


  • Clay pot
  • 2 White spray paint cans (basecoat)
  • 2 Yellow spray paint cans
  • Spray can gun
  • Respirator/Mask


I turned my ordinary clay pot into a chic home décor

I have my spray gun. I have my mask and I’m going spray painting using the white spray paint can, shaken. The spray can gun will make this easier. starting with white. Add a second coat of the white to have an even basecoat.

With the white base, the next 2 yellow coats will result in a brilliant yellow finish. Make sure to let the paint dry between coats.

The plan was to try to bring the indoors Arabian pots theme to the outdoors. This is how it turned out outside in the garden. It looks pretty good in there.

Please share your thoughts in comments section.

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